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Christian LDS Drug Treatment & Rehab Program. Working with the Christian LDS Community to Recover Using Gospel Principles.

Christian Drug Treatment and Christian Drug Rehabilitation. Incorporating the already very successful Pacific Palms Recovery methods for drug treatment and drug rehab with Latter Day Saints Gospel principals we are able to help to find gospel centered solution as part of the recovery process.

With the owners and several of the staff at Pacific Palms Recovery being Christian LDS members, we are keenly aware of how to help the Christian LDS addict in their recovery. We are very experienced in working closely and discretely with Christian LDS Bishop’s, Stake Presidents, and Christian LDS Family Services.

Our program is designed for the active and inactive church members.  We are here to help individuals or their family members who are struggling with addiction understand that they are suffering with a disease, just as any other disease. They need not be embarrassed or worry about what others think, and that they are not breaking any of their covenants, or violating anything that would jeopardize their standing as members of the church.

To the contrary that by understanding what addiction truly is, and by proactively seeking help and wanting to start on the road to recovery they are doing exactly what they need to be doing to change their lives and heal their families.

We teach the addictive process, and how a “using” individual regresses from being a viable and productive individual, through the sometimes slow, or rapid, and agonizing process of becoming more addicted. Our residents understand the stages of addiction and how it interacts with the natural forms of relationships in life.

Our residents and their family members are taught what Co-dependancy is and how it has a negative impact on family relationships; with a spouse, children, the work place, and even community involvements

Pacific Palms Recovery, located in Dana Point, CA, specializes in drug treatment, drug rehab, drug recovery and drug rehabilitation programs. These programs are affordably offered to individuals suffering from drug addiction. More importantly, we give you hope.

We are a leading drug treatment and drug rehabilitation center that provides personalized substance abuse treatment programs, tailored by experts to meet your individual drug treatment needs. Our drug treatment addiction rehabilitation recovery centers utilize the most effective techniques to restore health and happiness. We have combined experience, education, and compassion with all the necessary components to address the education of addiction. We feel that by maintaining affordable addiction treatment services combined with the best quality care, we will be able to reach more individuals suffering from this life threatening disease. Give yourself or a loved one the chance to beat drug addiction at the best drug treatment center. You can afford treatment at Pacific Palms Recovery. We can help you, no matter how desperate your situation may be. We provide quality addiction treatment services you can afford. Most importantly, you cannot afford not to.

See how we can help you understand recovery.

To speak with one of our trained drug rehabilitation referral counselors, call our 24-hour Addiction Helpline at 1-800-221-8750.


Pacific Palms Recovery staff has dedicated their lives to recovery. This is also a dedication to you and your family. We will meet you and your family at the starting point and walk together on the road to a better life. Recovery is a long road and there will be times that you want to quit. We can help you see the hope that you will find your way.

We think that it is important for you to know that we at Pacific Palms Recovery have walked the same road, and will be by your side every step of the way. We are a recovery family that knows our most inner self and addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery

We provide the most cutting-edge, intensive relapse prevention education available.

California Drug Rehab

At Pacific Palms Recovery we have the best of both worlds. We have all been to a place of hopelessness and have turned it around for the better. We have taken our life experience and added an intensive education. What you get is a group of people that can help you at many different levels.

Recovery is a way of living and we can show you how to get started. Lifting the quality of you and your family’s life. We teach you how to live.

Success Rate – The success rate is determined by the individual. How willing are they to apply recovery to their life. Recovery is a lifestyle that requires complete health & wellness.

LET US TEACH YOU HOW – CALL 1-800-221-8750

Dana Point Harbor, California

Dana Point Harbor, California

Dana Point, California (located in South Orange County) is thought by many to be the number one recovery community in the world.

Recovery for in Orange County, California can be very expensive, but at Pacific Palms Recovery we offer the same exclusive components you will find at other top programs for a fraction of the cost.

Pacific Palms Recovery is a warm inviting place just minutes from the beach.

We are not a large facility. We believe in individualized personal care. Let us help you create a vision for your life, set goals and give you tools to achieve them.

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