Pacific Palms Recovery has helped me find an amazing way of life in my rough going. They saw great things in me which I could not see in myself for a long time. I came in to their program as a hopeless, heartbreaking, and destructive drug addict. The staff treated me with unconditional love and gave me the tools and principles that I continue to apply in my life today. Presently, I have a great relationship with my family, I live a spiritual lifestyle that allows me to be of service to others, and I can truly say I enjoy life. Some special thanks to Morgan for showing me discipline and order in sobriety, Carice and Dave for your everlasting friendship, and Ryan and Amy for taking me in as a part of your own family. I’m truly blessed to have you all in my life and I know I would not be alive today without your influence. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for my life.

~Trevor C.

I used to think I was different from other addicts, since my substance abuse problems surfaced when I was 29 years old. I used to tell myself I did not have that big of a problem since I was such a late starter.

That was until, I relapsed…again. This time distanced from my children and my family and looking at possible prison time. I was fed up with the lies I kept telling myself about my disease. I was at my breaking point and I blamed my using on everything wrong or sad in my life. I manipulated and took advantage of my friends and family. I built up walls of defense so thick; I never thought it would be possible for me to be any other way.

I was referred to Pacific Palms Recovery through a friend of mine. I decided this was going to be my last shot at getting my life back together. On the first day I met with the PPR team and someone mentioned I had to surrender. The way I grew up, surrender was a weakness, and was not an option for me. Furthermore, surrender to whom, God? The one who took all those I hold so dear in the first place? No thanks. I just wanted to stay out of prison, get probation off my back and get on with my life. I decided the first night I was going to give this surrender thing a try. I didn’t really even knew how to do it, or if I would be able to do it but I promised myself I was going to keep an open mind about things, get honest with myself and make the best of the things to come. I got myself into this mess and am grateful for my dad who making it all financially possible. If anything else, I wasn’t going to disappoint him again.

The next 90 days of intense educational groups and individual life skills training was some of the hardest work I have ever done. Each day, my attitude toward myself and the world improved. My urges to use were replaced by meetings and activities with people that were going through the same thing as me. My desire and motivation to do good things in my life have already begun.

I have over one year clean and am a full time “A” student at Saddleback College with a 4.0 GPA. I work full time at a place where I am able to help others and share my story. My probation has been terminated over a year early and I can honestly say that my life is great. Today, I am able to be a good mother, daughter, sister and friend and I could not have done it without the help of the staff at Pacific Palms Recovery. You guys saved my life, and I am eternally grateful for that.

~ Kelly S.

Well I’d have to say that Pacific Palms Recovery is now officially my last stop in my rehab circuit, GOD willing. What this place did for me was better than any other program i have been to, and yes i have been to multiple rehabs. When i moved in literally straight from jail, I was baffled to see that i was moving into a house with all the creature comforts that most other recovery houses don’t allow you to have. With access to the outside world, within reason I was able with the help of staff to really get my life started. Other programs I have been to seem to strip you of everything, neglect that you are ever leaving, and when you do leave make you feel shell shocked. Finally this program actually helped me integrate into my life. For the first time I am moving forward thanks to Pacific Palms Recovery.

~ Geoff D.

My name is Erik Holland. I’m a 34 yr. old adult male. And I became sober in Pacific Palms Recovery. Going thru recovery life skills training in this facility has completely saved my life. When I came to this home my life was in utter despair. I was drinking and using drugs on a daily basis for the past 24yrs. My family and true friends wanted nothing to do with me. I wanted nothing to do with my self as well, and was a ticking time bomb, waiting to just die.

I came here and slowly my life has changed. I have stayed sober since the day I came here. And the staff and program has been a huge part off that. The education program and structure I received did for me what I could not do for myself. I believe I would not be here today without it. The doctors were prepared to remove most of my lower intestine. If I did not stop. And told me that I was going to die if I did not stop using. Today I have all of my intestines, respect of my family, faith in myself, I live an honest and respectful life. I no longer have to steal. If I want something I can buy it. My family turns to me when times are tough. I no longer have to shelter myself from the outside world. I can hold my head high and be proud of what I have achieved for myself.

I could not have done this on my own. The staff there are still my friends. And still help me, even though I am not in a PPR home any more. They are friends I can keep for the rest of my life. And now being sober on my own it is great to know I have a new family. If I had to do it all over again they would be the first Recovery Home I would call for help. The price was also very reasonable in comparison. So if you are thinking of getting sober, or have a family member or friend that needs who help I strongly suggest giving this program a shot. You have the freedom of choice to get sober. To live life on your once you are prepared to and the help to see you there. And the the help to remain sober.

~ Erik H.

Pacific Palms Recovery has changed my life. When I came into this program I was frustrated because my life was not going the way I planned. No matter how much effort I spent trying to put down drugs and better myself, it was always a failure. I realized I needed help because my life was officially out of control and definitely unmanageable no matter how hard I tried to make it the opposite. Now after going through this life skills program I know that there is another way to live without drugs. I am in a better place mentally and physically. This is all due to the dedication and hard work of the people of Pacific Palms Recovery. I cannot thank them enough.

~ Drew W.