Work Program

Every recovering man or woman is unique and has different needs during treatment, including needs related to setting and attaining life goals. At Pacific Palms Recovery we offer the following specialized programs for clients who are in the secondary phase of recovery (31-90 days):

Work Program
Clients are able to attend work during the day or evening while continuing to receive highly personalized treatments and guidance for their continued long term recovery goals. We also assist the men and women in our program with:

  • skill assessment
  • resume creation
  • interview techniques
  • job search on the computer and physically out in the community

Some clients may need assistance taking care of legal issues, court cases, parenting classes, family communications, or therapy. Whatever our client’s needs are, we provide as much assistance necessary to be successful meeting each challenge and endeavor.

A client’s motivation to keep moving forward is a high priority for us at Pacific Palms Recovery. Some of the methods we use to encourage motivation are weekly goal-setting sessions, daily reviews, and ensuring goals are tangible and reachable – achieved one at a time. This is the beginning of rebuilding the processes in the brain to associate the rewards that come from achieving any goal no matter how big or small.

Outpatient Services Available