Cocaine Recovery

Cocaine is the most potent natural stimulant known to man. Cocaine can be snorted, smoke or injected. Abusers of cocaine often experience feelings of restlessness, irritability and anxiety. A tolerance to cocaine can grow very quickly and many cocaine addicts report that they fail to achieve as much pleasure as they did with their first cocaine high.

Pacific Palms Cocaine Recovery by the Beach

Pacific Palms - Cocaine Recovery by the Beach

Cocaine addicts often have many physical and psychological problems associated with their addiction and can be a danger to themselves or others if not properly cared for.

Cocaine Addiction is a 3-part disease of mind, body, and spirit.  Our cocaine addicition program at Pacific Palms Recovery offers a multi-disciplined approach to mind, body, and spirit renewal.  Pacific Palms Recovery’s cocaine addiction program is also based on a comprehensive social model that emphasizes learning by experience.

Rehab for cocaine in Orange County can be very expensive, but at Pacific Palms Recovery we offer the same exclusive components you will find at other top programs for a fraction of the cost.  Pacific Palms Recovery is a warm inviting place just minutes from the beach.

At Pacific Palms Recovery, we offer 30, 60 and 90-day programs, focusing on complete health and wellness. We believe in a complete clean and sober lifestyle.

Don’t just stop, Stay stopped, through our intensive relapse prevention program and learn how long term sobriety can be achieved.

Comprehensive Education

We provide 2-3 daily educational recovery sessions, which are critical to understanding and engaging in the recovery process and the life-style changes required for lasting recovery from cocaine addiction.

Family Education Program

Experience has taught us how critical the involvement, support and understanding of loved ones are to the recovery of the cocaine. We provide weekly education sessions to supportive loved ones, so that all can engage in the healing process. When loved ones are able to come to our recovery program, we provide several hours of personal Family Counseling at our facility, in addition to the phone sessions.

Professional Staff

Our staff-to-client count is higher than most any other recovery program. We utilize and contract an addiction Psychiatrist, Psychologist, other Master’s Level Therapists, Addiction Counselors, Personal Trainer and numerous other clinicians, each of whom has significant cocaine addiction recovery experience.

Limited Number of Clients

We assist no more than 12 clients at each residential property, which enables us to focus tremendous, individual attention on every client. Equally important, our limited size insures a secure, private, and socially comfortable setting for our clients.

Activities and More

Because of the intensive, individual education and recovery services that we provide, we have realized that our clients need private time, as well as outside activity time, in order to process and rejuvenate themselves, while undergoing the intensive healing process. We provide numerous additional supplemental recovery (life) activities, such as beach walks, gym attendance, biking, hiking and other fun activities, for those who are interested, which have proven to be highly effective in the recovery experience.

Don’t let cocaine ruin your life. Call us 800-221-8750 or Contact Us.