Pacific Palms Recovery is a very personalized program.  Our staff will help guide you to recovery.  Each individual’s drug of choice is personal to them.  The way that it affects each person is unique to that individual.

Pacific Palms Recovery Programs

Pacific Palms Recovery Programs by the Beach

Our personalized programs will treat heroin, meth, alcohol, cocaine, benzos, and opiate addictions.  It is a program designed around you and your family.  Pacific Palms is here to help you recognize and understand the tools and skills necessary for successful recovery.  You or your loved one will be given the opportunity to use the skills and tools while in our program.  This will help you or your loved one discover which are important for success at a new life.

Pacific Palms Recovery consists of 30, 60, and 90+ day programs, with a focus on relapse prevention and life skills.  Research has proven that the longer the recovery program, the better chance the person has at being successful.

Pacific Palms Recovery does 30 day sessions, with each session focusing a different skill set necessary for recovery.  We know that with time each person will begin to grow in their recovery, so our program is designed with a step in to life approach.

Change can come slowly or quickly, so we need to be able to pull back or move forward with the individuals we treat.  Life skills, relapse prevention, and denial patterns are all necessary to ones growth in recovery.