Working with the families is a very large part of the Pacific Palms Recovery program. We know that the family has been suffering for some time. When a person becomes addicted there is not just a change with that person, but with the whole family. When a person is addicted they will do just about anything to get that drug or alcohol, and you just might become the avenue they use to do it.


Pacific Palms Family Recovery

Pacific Palms Recovery by the Beach

The Fear

All families of addicts have a fear of losing their loved one to their addiction. The fear can change the way you deal with this person. Over a period of time you start to see that you are now going against your own value system and have convinced yourself that it is helping.

The Addict

As a family member you need to know that you are up against a powerful disease. Your loved one may be holding you hostage in their addiction. An addict will say or do anything in order to use. Remind yourself that your loved one is not a bad person, but the drug is running the show.

Here are some things you may have already heard:

  • I have anxiety, I need meds.
  • I have pain, I need meds.
  • I have depression I need to smoke pot, the Dr. says its ok.
  • If you do not do this for me I will run away and get the dugs anyway.
  • It is not that bad I can stop on my own.
  • I do not need a program.
  • I am not like other people, I am not addicted.
  • I only do it on weekends.
  • I’m young and that’s what young people do.
  • If you make me go to a program, I will hurt myself.
  • I’m not that bad, I’ve seen people who are worse.
  • It’s because of you that I use.
  • Why are you doing this to me, you are causing me to use.

We are talking about some of the most wonderful people in our lives, and once again they are not bad people. When using they change! You may have changed too. In fear you may have said “I can’t put him or her on the street, they may die out there” or “I will pay their bills, I don’t want them to lose everything they have” You may also be letting them stay in the house even though they are using there and putting you in danger, hoping that they will all the sudden stop on their own. We are here for you and your loved one!!!

Pacific Palms Recovery offers the most affordable and effective recovery programs available in a beach setting. We have 30, 60 and 90-day programs available using the most cutting edge relapse prevention techniques available with a focus on a complete clean and sober lifestyle. Extended sober living available upon successful completion of our recovery program.