Understanding Recovery

Most alcoholics and addicts believe in the beginning that they can stop drinking and using on their own, refusing to accept outside or professional help. Their success if any is usually very short lived. Research into the effects of alcoholism and addiction shows substantial changes in the way the brain functions long after the person has stopped drinking or using. It is essential for a person trying to recover to realize that it takes more than just a strong will power to be successful at their recovery.

Recovery is a multi-phase long term process. The first step is detoxification if necessary. Although, detoxification by its self is not sufficient in changing the patterns and behaviors of an alcoholic or drug addict. Recovery from alcoholism and addiction involves an extended process that will require the help of professionals. New tools and skills are necessary to deal with situations and problems when the arise in recovery. Factors such as encountering someone from our days using, returning to the same environment and places, or even small things such as smells and objects trigger memories which can create psychological stress. This is where relapse begins and sets us back to where we started or worse.

Pacific Palms has a unique approach to recovery. We believe that recovery is a process of change in all areas of one’s life. We believe dependency to be a mental, physical, spiritual, and social disease. With our focus being live life to its fullest, we offer more than just one on one and group counseling, or 12 step support, all of which are very important. We feel that nutrition, fitness, fun activities, and life skills are just as important. Learning relapse prevention, anger management, relationship building, and denial management are also essential in successful recovery.

Recovery is a lifestyle and this lifestyle takes time to learn. Pacific Palms Recovery will not only give you the time you need, but also give you the time to practice and live in a sober lifestyle. We do recommend our 90 day program as well as sober living upon successful completion. We want to be able to help you get your life in motion before you leave us.

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