Amy Schrier - Pacific Palms Recovery

Amy Schrier - Founder

Amy Schrier C.N.D.A.I, C.A.T.I. – Founder
Often asking herself, “Wow how did I end up here?”, Amy is a true miracle of recovery. Amy began abusing drugs by the time she was twelve years old. In the end, with only a long term prison sentence ahead of her, Amy reluctantly agreed to enter in to Sober Living. As CEO/Founder of Pacific Palms Recovery and Donna’s House Sober Living, Amy has dedicated her life to helping others. Amy is a Certified National Drug and Alcohol Interventionist, as well as a Certified Addictions therapist.


Dr. Corinne Rupert. PhD, PsyD, MFT - Pacific Palms Recovery

Dr. Corinne Rupert. PhD, PsyD, MFT – Consulting Psychologist-Psychotherapist

Dr. Corinne Rupert. PhD, PsyD, MFT – Consulting Psychologist-Psychotherapist
Dr. Corinne Rupert is a trusted therapist, consultant, and supervisor who is dedicated to helping people become free from their addictions. Under Corinne’s expert care, individuals and families repair trauma and build strong selves. They heal damaged relationships and find new meaning and purpose in life. With 2 doctorates, in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis, and over 25 of experience, Dr. Rupert not only provides a deep and broad understanding of the complex nature of addiction—mind, body, soul, and situation–she individualizes her state-of-the-art methods to meet the unique needs and personalities of those involved in recovery.

Dr. Edward Kaufman - Pacific Palms Recovery

Dr. Edward Kaufman - Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Edward Kaufman, MD – Consulting Psychiatrist
With more than 30 awards, publications, and academic appointments to his name, as well as, an extensive career that has spanned over 45 years, Dr. Kaufman has made some of the most important and creative contributions to the treatment of substance abuse in the last hundred years. Dr. Kaufman’s combination of a deep understanding of the psychology of those struggling with addiction and great insight into the process of dynamic psychotherapy make him an asset to anyone seeking help with substance abuse.


Morgan Richardson - Pacific Palms Recovery

Morgan Richardson - Program Director

Morgan Richardson CATC CCJP BCRPS – Program Director/Counselor
“I have dedicated my life to helping others find their way to sobriety.” When you’ve combined years of personal experience with years of formal training you get the best of both worlds when teaching recovery. Morgan is a Saddleback College graduate in Human Services, Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor CATC, member of California Association of Alcohol/Drug Educators CAADE, member of the California Certification Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselors, Certified CCJP, Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist BCRPS, and a graduate of MLE Academy of Coaching Excellence.


Ryan Schrier - Pacific Palms Recovery

Ryan Schrier - Intake Director

Ryan Schrier – Intake Director
“Recovery changed my life and gave me back the relationships and goals I had lost in my active addiction.” In 17 years of addiction, Ryan lost everything – his wife, his son, his career and his soccer scholarship. When he surrendered and became willing to accept the help of his family and accept the offer of treatment, he turned his life around. He now answers the Pacific Palms Recovery hotline to help people who are looking for the same thing he was – freedom from active addiction and alcoholism. Ryan is trained in Meditation and is active in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous. He also speaks on H & I and detox center panels. “Getting others into recovery to build their new life gives me purpose.”


Tim Best - Director of Transitional Phase

Tim Best - Director of Transitional Phase

Tim Best, CATC II – Director of Transitional Phase
Tim is a long time member of the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators and a licensed as Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor or referred to as C.A.T.C. II (highest ranking available). He has had special training in Relapse Prevention, Denial Management, Crisis Intervention and Family Dynamics and is also a Certified Life Coach.

“It is my personal belief that addiction needs to be treated with a variety of several different approaches, depending on where the client is at physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I offer several different modalities, all dependent upon the clients needs.”


Alyx Luck - Certified Personal Trainer

Alyx Luck - Certified Personal Trainer

Alex Luck – Certified Personal Trainer Cooper Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, AFPA Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Strength Conditioning certs., Zumba Certified. Nutritionist and Life Coach.

Currently Personal Trainer and Front Desk at Fitness 19 in San Clemente and Mission Viejo.

Over 8 years experience working as a trainer, and a lifetime of athletic activities including professional status in MMA and Boxing, as well as an accomplished triathlete, runner, equestrian, and fitness guru. She also has extensive experience with rugby, track, and water based sports team swimming, surfing, and polo.

Coming from a colorful teenager years, Alyx has a passion for helping others change their lives thru exercise and health. She believes that with proper exercise the body can heal itself and learn to function better, ultimately helping to heal the mind and soul.

She has experience with personal clients currently in recovery, and has an understanding and passion for seeing them change their lives, self image, and their futures.


Scott Broding - Pacific Palms Recovery

Scott Broding - House Manager

Scott BrodingHouse Manager
Scott has been sober since July 2006. He went through a year-long treatment program in Laguna Beach called the Friendship Shelter and from there found Donna’s House Transitional living. He was a resident at Donna’s House for 2 years and became the house manager in July 2009. “Living a sober life is the best feeling in the world and I am here to help anyone through sobriety. I was blessed to find Donna’s House, the management and staff are dedicated to helping you live a productive and sober life.”


Carice Blazo - Pacific Palms Recovery

Carice Blazo - House Manager

Carice Blazo – House Manager
Carice has her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in counseling. With 12 years experience as a high school teacher, trainer and regional coordinator for an international organization, Carice provides a structured yet comfortable environment where participants can get their lives back on track. With equanimity, order and compassion, Carice guides addicts/alcoholics in their day-to-day activities. Graduating the Pacific Palms Recovery program herself Carice has a passion to see each person grow and excel in life.


Liz Farag – Yoga Instructor
Lizzy has been an avid yogi for over 8 years. She found her practice in her hometown of Alexandria, VA. After moving to Los Angeles, she heard her calling to teach. She completed the Yoga Works 200 hour Teacher Training in the Fall of 2008. She is well versed in anatomy, physiology and the healing power of yoga. Lizzy enjoys teaching an energetic class, focusing on alignment and breath, soundtracked by inspiring music.